Victory Behavioral Health Adolescent Residential Facility

About Victory Behavioral Health Residential Services

Victory Behavioral Healthcare is designated as a Behavioral Health Youth Residential Facility by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We serve adolescents with behavioral health issues and mental illness. We specialize in the residential treatment of mental illness with intensive psychotherapy and a broad range of behavioral health services. Our philosophy is 'unconditional positive regard' , where residents are accepted just the way they are, provided with a safe and loving environment, provided with compassionate and empathetic staff, and learns to love themselves as well as build strong self esteem

Why Us

Victory Behavioral Healthcare Residential Services understands that everyone is unique; as a result, inculcates residents’ cultural believes, individual perspective of what is going on in their life, and implements clinical practice guideline in their structured program. Services are provided by highly qualified providers to include: Nurse practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Registered Dietician, Counselors, RNs, and Behavioral health technicians. The services provided is structured to provide high quality behavioral health services, avert use of drugs as a coping strategy, develop social and interpersonal skills, while managing any acute or chronic mental health issues

Our Mission

Commitment to excellence, authenticity, accountability, and deliverance of high-quality behavioral healthcare services. Respect for culture and wellness as an integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Our Vision

Dedication to long-term assertable recovery with goal oriented treatment plan to identify and treat the underlying core problem causing the mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.  Become an innovational leading behavioral health provider and be known for clinical excellence, engineering treatment with distinction. 

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